GM Trucks Upgrading to Top Notch Features

GM Trucks Upgrading to Top Notch Features

It is needless to say that the war within the U.S. truck segment is intense. American People love their trucks the same method Europeans love their compacts and Asians love their seven-seaters. And on this fierce battle on American soil, GM is someway relegated to the background as brands like Ram and Ford soars each in popularity and sales numbers.

GM, however, is not turning a blind eye on this. A report by GM Authority says that the company is aware of its disadvantage within the segment and that can be pointed towards the interior of its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

According to GM Authority’s source, GM is well aware that each of its trucks isn’t faring well against top competitors in the segment. It won’t, however, admit that publicly.

But that does not mean that the American company is not going to do anything about the issue. Another source told GM Authority that the company goes to upgrade the interior of each truck for its next update. And after we say upgrade, they meant that it’s going to top-notch, per the report.

As to what GM meant by top-notch, remains to be known. This is not the first time that they have heard of this story. Earlier this month, Muscle Cars and Trucks also reported a similar story. Of note, GM allegedly bumped up the Silverado and Sierra’s replace to fight head-on in opposition to the award-winning Ram 1500. The update will also coincide with the upcoming Ford F-150 update, which is likely to be revealed later subsequent year as a 2021 model year.

Whatever GM has in store for its trucks, the buyers will all the time win as the struggle to come out on top will benefit those who are eager about buying one.