Apple Paid 1.4 Billion to Users

Apple Paid 1.4 Billion to Users

Earlier this month, Facebook gave its 1.3 billion users the perfect reason to delete their accounts. Now Apple has done the same for its 1.4 billion iPhone and iPad users worldwide.

Last month The Guardian revealed Apple was employing contractors to listen to and “grade” Siri recordings and they “regularly” heard confidential data from iPhone and iPad users, including medical information, drug deals, and records of couples having intercourse. And now a brand new report from the Irish Examiner has given a sense of scale to what was taking place.

“Contractors in Cork Ireland were anticipated to each listen to more than 1,000 recordings from Siri each shift, earlier than Apple suspended the apply last month,” explains the Examiner, who got its info from “an employee who had their contract abruptly terminated this week.”

 The Examiner understands that over 300 employees on the contractor, Globetech, were let go following the Guardian’s report, which places the 1,000 recordings per shift into context. Neither Apple nor Globetech have commented on the numbers.

“Mostly it was users with Canadian, Australian or UK accents who were heard and there was a smaller staff engaged on users with European languages,” says the employee. Staff on the contractor, Globetech, have been then required to transcribe and grade the information to see how Siri was triggered and whether the query was dealt with efficiently.