14-Year Young Diagnosed with EEE A Mosquito-Borne Disease

14-Year Young Diagnosed with EEE A Mosquito-Borne Disease

A Kalamazoo County girl is struggling for her life after she was diagnosed with a rare mosquito-borne disease EEE.

State health officials stated three suspected cases of EEE in people residing in Berrien and Kalamazoo counties.

Doctors said one in three people who are diagnosed with this disease do not survive.

Savanah DeHart is diagnosed with a suspected reason for the virus. The 14-year-old’s girl’s mother Kerri Dooley told News channel Tuesday that her daughter was on a ventilator and couldn’t speak.

Dooley said her daughter just kind of lays there for now and, her brain is trying to heal itself, and she can’t do anything till that happens.

The virus is considered rare however state health official has seen six horses in southwest Michigan die from it up to now this year. It could only be transmitted to people by mosquitoes and not from person to person.

“A person has a 4% probability of contracting the EEE, and then of this 4 %, only 1% even have encephalitis from it,” Dooley mentioned.

The community is reaching out with help for Savanah by raising money for her medical expenses and offering pledges of encouragement on the Savanah Strong Social media page.

Savanah’s mother stated her daughter first had what seemed like a simple headache. She never thought she could be diagnosed with the dangerous disease.

Dooley mentioned It has probably been the worst time of her life. She watched her daughter, almost pass out.

She mentioned she was shocked by how quickly the virus attacks.

Dooley mentioned It’s a horrible feeling, but she doesn’t know what she can tell anybody other than to the only watch, be careful, watch where you’re bringing them.

She mentioned her family does take precautions to stop mosquito bites.

As Savanah’s immune system resist the virus, the family is taking every day as it comes.

“She is only a happy, very happy, woman and does not should go through this,” Dooley mentioned.

The family is ready for an additional check from the state to provide further confirmation of Savanah’s situation.

They’re planning to transfer her to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids in a couple of weeks to begin the long road to recovery.