Nike released some sneakers that fit the foot through an app

After a series of attempts to launch an intelligent and accessible footwear, Nike presented the second version of its more technological shoes within the range “Adapt” that are able to automatically adjust to the foot, standing firm at all times. They are called Nike Adapt BB and will cost 350 dollars when they reach the shelves of the stores, for now from the United States, on February 17.

This particular shoe is characterized by having a small microchip that is connected to a mobile application where we choose the firmness with which we want the laces to be tightened. Once adjusted you can change as many times as you want, but the system will always remember the measurement and will adjust when you start walking. The connection is not wireless, it is done through a USB-C cable like that of many mobile phones.

They also have a small internal battery to keep this microchip on, as well as its tensioning motor. According to the company, the battery will have a life of about two weeks between charge and charge, for which it will be necessary to leave them located in a wireless charging base that will be included in the box.

According to Nike, they are originally intended to play basketball. During the last decade the market for high-priced sneakers and design has emerged as a succulent income niche for sports and fashion companies.

The new footwear, which the Oregon company described as a “breakthrough in fabrics, digital, electrical and mechanical technology” and that “is specially designed for movement”, replaces the 2016 Nike Hyperadapt, a special edition that cost 720 dollars and that quickly sold out in stores.

What is curious about the Nike Adapt BB is its resemblance to the Nike MAG (Magnetic Anti Gravity) self-adjusting footwear that Marty McFly – Michael Fox – used in the film “Back to the Future 2”, in 1989, which became an icon of the pop culture of the late eighties.

These shoes, which came out as a special edition in 2016, had an electroluminescent sole, space-age materials and an internal rechargeable battery with capacity for 3,000 hours. However, the self-adjusting cords, the prominent feature of the shoe in the film, had not been included.

Nike expects that this new “reduced” price of the new version will attract a larger number of customers who were left without allowing the previous version that sold out quickly and whose price in the second-hand market reached more than $ 1,500 for a pair.