CES 2019: what we hope to see at the world’s largest technology event

Once again, the city of Las Vegas is the epicenter of the International Fair of Consumer Electronics, or CES 2019 (“Consumer Electronics Show”) that starts next Tuesday. Between TVs with transparent panels, flexible cell phones, 5G connectivity and the privacy of the “all connected”, the novelties will try to add spice to an event that mixes technology of all kinds, which often leaves little flavor and where the big brands measure their strength .

One of the most outstanding products of this edition of the CES will be -when not- the television: there are several brands that have prepared models with transparent panels and screens with qualities superior to the current ones of the market. With the 8K in sight, when the 4K has not yet massified.

Last year, a roll-up TV model was presented as if it were a card. Now we hope to see it en masse.

In mobile phones, although Samsung’s flexible screen is one of the novelties that were announced last year and that generates expectations, the official date of departure is March. With which, we could remain empty-handed if we try to try this new chiche in Las Vegas. In addition to that we should still understand a little better to what needs it responds.

Here, one by one the items that could be revolutionized. Or, as in many cases, being mere prototypes that never reach the final consumer.

Televisions and monitors: the bread of each CES
Always bigger, with (still) better definition, brightness, contrast and more pixels. Televisions are the main protagonists of the CES and 2019 is not the exception.

LG has already announced that there will be new models with second generation Alpha 9 processors, capable of improving the scaling, movement and microdetail of the image. But undoubtedly the Korean company has its forte in the rolling OLED.

Another heavy novelty of LG will be the CineBeam Laser 4K, a powerful projector that was presented in December and that will have Ultra HD images at distances of 18 centimeters. The attention of the gamers, on the other hand, will be in the new monitors: the UltraWide would be wider, 49 inches, with refresh rate of 144hz.

The resolution of the screens will revolve around 8K, the technology that should happen to the current 4K TVs, when these did not even take hold even in mass consumption.

But not only LG live CES screens. Samsung could present news in this area after a long time: 2019 Frame and Serif TV. These are two products that have a design aspect to disguise their TV status and resemble more a picture or an ornament. With the typical QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode: better contrast, more brightness and color range) of the Korean company.

The 2019 Frame incorporates a lighting sensor so that the brightness can be adjusted to match the room. Another element that tries to present more as a decorative object than an appliance.

There are also rumors of a television manufactured by Amazon, with Echo integrated, the interactive device to play music and execute voice commands that respond to the name of Alexa.

Finally, more transparent screens could be seen, with a utility that is difficult for the average viewer to understand, but that is not alien to the intrigue of a technology that today seems more film than real. Panasonic joins LG with these products, which for the last two years have already been seen at CES.

The flexible cell phone screen: will it be now?
Until now this technology was developed by the Chinese Royole under the name FlexPai. But the device did not massify.

Samsung was airtight regarding this CES 2019 in terms of its flexible screens. Presented in November of last year, they called the attention of the entire market not so much for its usefulness, but for the novelty of having a display that can be bent without breaking.

The official launch date is March, which discourages the chances of seeing, touching and testing this new technology in Las Vegas. Especially considering that at the end of February is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where all the news of mobile phones in the world are presented. There are more chances that the South Korean company will release it.