Create software to make 3D printing easier

Software for printing objects in three dimensions is expensive, complex to control and unintuitive. To bring the technology closer to those who are further away, an Argentine developer designed a program that aims to improve the relationship with these innovative machines.

After almost two years of research and development, 3D Object Maker is available in web format and as an app. It allows creating 3D objects in a simple and intuitive way for later printing. “To start this project, I could notice that to create or model a 3D object, a high-performance computer with installed design software was always required.This type of application has a great learning curve where the average user does not comes to use many of the advanced features that incorporate and because of that, I thought it was a good idea to design an application that allows creating 3D objects in a simple and intuitive way and that does not condition the user to a computer “, describes Leonardo Russo, who leads this project.

In this way, when entering the Web or running the 3D Object Maker App, we will find a virtual platform (similar to a 3D printer) where we can add and combine all kinds of geometric figures to create our object.

“We can also include previously designed 3D models, which is why we are not limited to geometric figures, thus promoting the scope and potential of this tool Once we have created our object, we can export it as a file in STL format (standard format, ready for its 3D printing) or as a SCENE file (editable format, to continue working it), “says Russo

This software is totally free and free, designed so that primary schools and institutions with 3D printers can offer design and modeling classes through this tool.

“In order to design a 3D object, arithmetic and geometrical concepts are used, and through this tool, a positive, dynamic teaching with a short learning curve would be created, where the focus is placed on the 3D design experience together with the teaching that accompanies it, leaving aside the complexities and requirements of high-performance computers to use 3D design software, as is traditionally the case, “says Russo.

Another advantage of this system is that the teacher would not be conditioned by the quantity and quality of computers that the classroom or computer workshop may have.

“The idea is that students could learn and create their objects directly from their smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, this project is open source, which means that any school or institution can use the 3D Object Maker code to adapt it to their own needs, classes or specific subjects, “says Russo.